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Twenty seven votes. Twenty seven! That’s the magic number for Venice Beach-based Arbor Snowboards, as they are officially the 2013 Battle of the Brands champions. With less than thirty votes deciding the final outcome, BOTB reiterated once again that every single vote counts. Denver, Colorado’s Never Summer Industries went down swinging but their punches weren’t enough to knock out Arbor, whose social media push proved to be pivotal in the final hours of the finals. Congratulations to Arbor, and stay tuned to snowboardermag.com in the coming months as their crew has promised to document all the antics that go down in Cabo. Thank you to all the brands that participated in BOTB, the people who voted and shared, and everyone who watched the edits and supported our intense online initiative.

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Battle of The Brands Bracket



Always a brand to focus on the fun rather than the fundamentals, the Nitro boosters returned to Battle of the Brands with an axe to grind and a laugh to generate. With a stacked team of talent like Brandon Hobush, Ben Bilocq, Austin Smith, Johnny Brady, Nils Arvidsson and more lapping Bachelor, their BOTB entry boasts a humorous tone and some heavy riding, including a shirtless Sam Taxwood tag-teaming a takeoff with Garrett Warnick, a double-backing Shane Wright shutting down the Boreal boater, and photographer Bob Plumb revealing his hairy ass thighs while shooting and sensually licking the air to prove in a literal sense that he is indeed Lizard King’s brother.


It’s no surprise that Giro’s video has a good vision seeing as they’re a goggle company who’s newly revamped team is catching the eye of industry-ites and pros across the snowboarding landscape. With their Battle of the Brands edit, Giro chose to showcase some of that newly-acquired talent in the likes of Nils Mindnich, Brandon Davis, Brennen Swanson, Alex Rodway, and Peetu Piiroinen. Check out their video to see if they’re your clear favorite to take the 2013 BOTB title and enjoy the Giro team getting sick in front of Jerm’s lens.


Last season’s BOTB Critics’ Choice winners, Volcom, return to this social media melee with an offering that is a textbook example of the three-act edit. The setup, aptly titled Part 1: Black & White, is taken on by alpine auteur Pat Barraza who delivers a stunning monochromatic montage of Zac Marben, Johnny Lazz, Gray Thompson, Mike Rav and Skylar Thornton. Part 2: Unfollow, as produced by Jake Price, is classic Volcom with a lo-fi, flow down the snow with your friends, feelgood vibe. Part 3: True To This, as tackled by filmmaker Greg Weaver, is a fast-paced and dense collection of clips showcasing Dylan Alito, Ruiki Masuda, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, and Hunter Wood, all unfiltered and fearless.


Tucker Andrews, Max and Gus Warbington, Blake Paul, Jesse Burtner, Brandon Hammid, Blake Paul, Sammy Luebke, and more make up the Mervin team for their first appearance in Battle of the Brands. Combining the powers of Bent Metal Bindings, Gnu, and Lib Tech, Mervin Manufacturing put together a submission that left us speechless, both from the riding itself and the acid-influenced editing including but not limited to planets flying through the sky, trippy backdrops, multiple backflips, intermittent screaming, kittens (we think?), a D.I.Y. rap video, and much much more. This is a video you’ll have to watch more than once just to catch everything that’s going on and because of that, it may give you the most bang for your buck out of any edit posted up here.


One of snowboarding’s most profound brands is officially in BOTB. The B not only brought a world-class team to Superpark but the production value to accompany a faculty as elite. In other words, the Burton team came to play and judging by the quality of riding blended with the cinematography, they did their diligence with this short film. Featuring the riding of Mikkel Bang, Marko Grilc, Peetu Piiroinen, Werni Stock, Gabe Ferguson, Brock Crouch and Red Gerard, Roope Tonteri, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Brady Lem, Niels Schack, Shane Ruprecht, Ezra Racine, and Tommy Gesme, this edit features every feature on the hill and Superpark-esque tricks that make the event what it is, like massive transfers, double back rodeos, and gigantic session-shutting down airs.

Never Summer

The boys of Never Summer once again stepped it up at Superpark 17. Slick slopestyle technicians should take notice as Ryan Stephens, Brady Farr, Nicky Larson, Cooper Hoffmeister and Jacob Carey forego speed checks and triple chucks in favor of slow rotation spins and lofty back one’s taken deep. Nicky Larson provides the bookends of this edit with a torqued backside seven chicken wing to open the show and an exagerated backside 900 encore on the Bachelor built 90-footer while Stephens, Hoffmeister, Carey, and Larson jib, jump, slash and synchronize their tricks to a modern take on Norman Greenbaum’s arena anthem “Spirit In The Sky.”


DC makes their Battle Of The Brands debut with one of the cleanest edits of the whole contest. Their international roster of riders on the verge utilized the whole Superpark 17 footprint to its fullest with an emphasis on total manmade terrain annihilation. From Mons Roisland’s tabletop trickery to Logan Haubrich’s backside hip barrage to Anto Chamberland slaughtering the street setup, to Cody Lee and Evan Drage crushing the Loon stepdown cutaway transfer, the DC team tackles it all. There is even a cameo in this video from none other than Mark “Deadlung” Edlund which should help DC further weed out the competition.


Last season’s Battle Of The Brands runner-up, Arbor has forgone the same old tricks for their 2013 campaign in favor of new tricks like a method late frontside 180, frontside 1080 double tail grab, frontside grab eggplant, Taipan and tail double grab backside 720, 50-50 to 450 out and double backflip double kicking one-footer, showing that there is no need to sacrifice style or creativity when you are riding the biggest shit of the season. Or at least that’s what it looks like when Nick Visconti, Blake Axelson, Brandon Hammid, Sean Black, Mark Reininga, Mike Gray, Yuma Abe, Sammy Spiteri, Erik Leon, and Scott Vine strap in at Superpark.   


The Quiksilver crew assembled their best and brightest stars and coupled them with their current crop of top tier team members to make their 2013 Battle of the Brands edit. With names like Danimals, Will Lavigne, Kim-Rune Hansen, Johnny Brady, Zebbe Landmark, Teo Konttinen, Ian Hart, Jonah Owen, and Jake Olson-Elm, Quik amassed an assemblage of all-around punishers who took to the Superpark 17 setup with reckless abandon in order to make a polished product that you see on this here website. From Danimals’ first shot banger all the way until Kim-Rune Hansen’s switch back ten ender, the Quik video is clear, concise, and jam-packed with some of Superpark’s best riding.


Seattle Death Metal scorchers Vulgarizer provide the chattering tempo of doom in this distorted documentation of Superpark 17. Black and white boned airs aside, Ride’s freakish freestyle fairy tail is overwrought with radical riding, including evil 50-50 rail-to-rail transfer 360 variations and unholy double human kickflips. Whether perched above the fray or on the hunt in the midst of a follow cam frenzy, the Ride cameras captured it all. Now only you can decide if the sacrifices of Jon Versteeg, Brandon Davis, Todd Kirby, Austin Hironaka, Scott Moline, Trevan Salmon, and the rest of the Ride disciples will be worth the reward.   


Last year’s 2012 Battle of the Brands champion is back. This year, CAPiTA employed the same tactics that it took to take the title a year ago. Clean, simple, fun, and a grip of damn good snowboarding. Featuring Scott Stevens, Spencer Schubert, Garrett Warnick, Mike Ravelson, Jacob Krugmire, Brandon Cocard, Durell Williams, Johnny O’Connor, Dustin Craven, and Jesse Gouveia, the champs are looking to two-peat. From Garrett Warnick’s double grab alley-lop backside spins on the Seven Springs hip to Scott Stevens’ and Mike Rav’s unusual approach on Superpark features, and Spencer Schubert’s high-velocity rail regimen, and Cocard’s all-around domination, CAPiTA put together an edit worthy of back-to-back victories.


It is a good thing for Smokin’ that Battle Of The Brands is one contest that doesn’t require drug testing. Though we suspect this vagabond bunch of boarders from Tahoe and beyond tested more than a few substances during their time at Bachelor. With no spins more than 720 and no outs over 180 this edit is high on style as best buds Jordan Wells, Matty Mo, Bryce Salazar, Colin Langlois, Matt Busedu, Devin Allen and other members of the Smokin’ team session Bachelor’s Sunrise zone, tokin’ up and throwin’ down. 


It’s an unusual coincidence that ThirtyTwo’s company name is in reference to the freezing point of water because they were really heating things up on the hill at Superpark 17. The boot and outerwear makers based out of Lake Forest, CA shipped their squad up to Bachelor with the hopes of taking the whole thing after a stellar first-year showing in 2012. Representing ThirtyTwo were Jordan Small, Dillon Ojo, Toni Kerkela, LP Dorval, and Brandon Hobush, and there’s no doubt that their presence was felt from the Woodward rail zone all the way down to the bottom Bachelor booter. Sit back, relax, and check out ThirtyTwo’s submission as they try to give anyone up against them the boot to advance to the next round..


It’s no news to anyone that any time the Airblaster team is lapping, they’re having more fun than most people on the hill, and with their freshman debut in Battle of the Brands, they did a great job making that evident in this edit. With a unique outlook on an event known for its intimidating obstacles, Airblaster approaches every feature with a twist or a tweak, as the likes of Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy, Jackson Fowler, Taylor Carlton, Jesse Gouveia, Tucker Andrews, Brandon Cocard, and Nick Dirks plant, poke, backie, and blast around Bachelor in an all-out, balls-out (literally for Dirks) fashion.


It is readily apparent that Dakine worked day and night at Bachelor stacking for their first foray onto the Battle Of The Brands frontlines. All-terrain powerhouse Johnnie Paxson blends uncommon lines with unorthodox freestyle to make his mark at Superpark 17 while Sawyer Deen, Alex “Littlest” Sherman and Niko Cioffi prove that you don’t need to be park jocks to get the goods. From Jeff Hopkins’ far-from-stock spins to Elias Elhardt’s Euro-influenced park riding flavor, does DAKINE have what it takes to get their mitts on the Battle Of The Brands title?


When Ethan Morgan opens the Bataleon BOTB show with an acid drop, you know this edit will be a trip. Ethan then continues to get weird with an early grab boardslide and a front blunt 450 out. European journeyman Jonas Steen follows Ethan up with ample airtime and then East Coast rail technician Shaun Murphy takes apart the Loon tunnel jib. The intermission is provided by a good old-fashioned bail section showing that the Bataleon battalion was dealt a few bumps and bruises while at Bachelor. The pace quickens for the finale as the suds spray with knuckle draggers, metal meddlers, and slush slashers bookending big air trickery by Rob Balharry and Mitch Richmond while two hammers by Gulli Gudmundsson serve as the ender and ender-ender. 

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