The HCSC Guess Hood Contest: Week 7

high_cascade_jumbleIt seems like every rider in the world comes through High Cascade Snowboard Camp at one time or another each summer. Let's test your knowledge!

• Read the clues
• Watch the video

Then see if you can name the rider in this fun-for-all-ages game of: Guess Hood?

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1. I'm a Masshole.
2. I own a small sunglass company named "Dang"
3. I've been known to hack the nose and tail off my board.
4. I'm a coach at HCSC.
5. My name sounds like a big furry animal and an American car company combined.

A winner will be chosen at random from correct answers. Winner gets a HCSC custom sweatshirt, an HCSC / Burton co-lab backpack, SNOWBOARDER magazine beanie and mags.

HCSC/Burton co-lab backpack
HCSC/Burton co-lab backpack
HCSC custom sweatshirt
HCSC custom sweatshirt