Forrest Bailey 2010 Ride Shakedown Canada

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On his first trick of the Super Final Forrest Bailey landed a lipslide switch up front board on the down flat down rail. Since Antonin didn't land his 270's this was technically the winning trick. Despite having the Coors Lite Rail Jam in the bag Forrest still stomped a frontside 5-0 to fakie on the cement wallride. Forrest easily ended Friday night $5000 richer and earned the right to buy his first legal beer ever as an 18 year old in Quebec. R: Forrest Bailey P: Crispin Cannon

All photos: Crispin Cannon

After a momentous debut in the states the Ride Shakedown has returned to its Canadian roots in fine style. The 2010 Ride Shakedown at Mt. Saint Sauveur kicked off with the requisite Friday night Coors Light Rail Jam. Here are some highlight from Day 1 of the 2010 Ride Shakedown.

2010 Ride Shakedown Coors Light Railjam Results
Mt Saint Sauveur, Canada
April 2, 2010
1. Forrest bailey
2. Antonin Chamberland

1. Jesica Kimura
2. Marie-Helene Tremblay

Oakley Amateur Qualifiers
1. Julien Beaulieu
2. Alex Leblanc
3. Zak Stone
3. Didier Godbout