Eric Willet

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While Eric Willet has been no stranger to the podium this year, it wasn’t until last Saturday night that he was introduced to the best big air event in North America. Unlike other spectacles the Ride Shakedown features a true rider friendly format. In the finals the competitors had two hours to session the jump and jib setups. Unlike other events where there are two set runs forcing riders to adhere to a constrictive schedule the Ride Shakedown still focuses on two attempts, yet those two attempts come on the runs of the riders choosing. Furthermore the athletes need to call their tricks before dropping in. This format rewards confidence and constistancy as well as adding stategy to the mix. If the called trick is landed first try then the rider is forced to attempt a different move on their latter jump. Though this might sound confusing, it is truly the most compelling and crowd pleasing format around. Here Colorado’s Eric Willet is on his way to a third place podium finish with a textbook frontside 1080 doublecork followed by a frontboard 270 out on the flatbar. R: Eric Willet P: Crispin Cannon

The 2010 Ride Shakedown main event hosted more spectators and competitors than ever before. The unseasonably warm Quebec temps yielded big crowds and mini skirts and everyone in attendance got a show that won’t soon be forgotten.

2010 Ride Shakedown Slopestyle Results
Mount Saint Sauveur, Canada
April 3, 2010

Men’s Results:
1. Marc McMorris
2. Sebastien Tuotant
3. Eric Willet
4. Zach Stone
5. Alex Leblanc
6. Julien Beaulieu
7. Mat Belzile
8. Tanner Davidson
9. Zac Hale
10, Charles Reid

Women’s Results:
1. Megan Ginter
2. Lynn Neil
3. Alex Duckworth
4. Jenna Blasman
5. Hana Beaman