Air & Style Beijing 2010 Video & Photos

Photos: Adam Moran
Captions: Pat Bridges

Beijing Moran
Make no mistake, the only reason why the pinkos chose to have Shaun White's name attached to this event is because his red hair makes him seem like the most communist snowboarder around. Photo: Adam Moran
2 Beijing
Very clever agent Moran. By including innocuous photos of sunsets in your submission you will mislead party investigators who will be looking for photos of the riders attacking the jumps. You should get a promotion for this. photo: Adam Moran
3 Kazu Beijing 8
In the comments below name the sports personality who in a much celebrated Miller Light commercial proclaimed "I must be in the front row." rider: Kazu Kokobu. photo: Adam Moran
4 Andreas Beijing
Instead of "death cookies" they should have had fortune cookies in the landing. rider: Andreas Wiig . photo: Adam Moran
5 Mark McMorris
The oppression of people in China is a lot of media hype. Take this photo for example. During this backside 1080 double cork Mark McMorris started three separate revolutions and the soldier didn't even break a sweat. rider: Mark McMorris. photo: Adam Moran
6 Peetu Beijing
Doesn't look like there was much need for scalpers at the event. Of course this could have been the practice. But if that was the case then they probably should have been practicing filling seats. rider: Peetu Piiroinen. photo: Adam Moran
7 Riders Beijing
It was a head to head elimination format. What the riders didn't realize is that in China the elimination only comes after the water torture! photo: Adam Moran
8 Air and Style Beijing
This is a pretty cool photo. photo: Adam Moran
9 Marko Beijing
Marko Grilc is the current Innsbruck Air & Style champion. Rumor has it that he checked out the great wall while in China and has decided to erect a similar barrier to help him defend that title for a few thousand years. rider: Marko Grilc. photo: Adam Moran
10 Peetu Beijing
Peetu Piiroinen at the start of what could be something big. rider: Peetu Piiroinen. photo: Adam Moran
11 Mikkel Seb
How lame are bibs. They serve very little purpose now. In fact let us explain how they came to be. They date back to the early days of ski racing when gatekeepers needed to be able to record the numbers of everyone who didn't make their turn. It really serves little purpose these days. It doesn't even do that good of a job of promoting the sponsors unless of course the event is being subsidized by a number. rider: Sebastien Toutant and Mikkel Bang. photo: Adam Moran
12 Mikkel Beijing
Of the three most popular songs with the title Runaway which one do visitors find appealing. Is it the new Kanye West jam which includes the lyrics "Runaway from me baby
Runaway, runaway from me baby
Runaway, I get crazy,
Just runaway,
Get on a plane,
Runaway fast as you can." Or perhaps the Bon Jovi hit which includes "Ooh She's A Little Runaway, 
Daddy's Girl Learned Fast, 
All Those Things He Couldn't Say, 
Ooh She's A Little Runaway." Lastly there is Del Shannons number one single from the spring of 61 that goes a little something like this, "wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder, Why, Why, why, why, why, why she ran away, Yes, and I wonder, A-where she will stay-ay, My little runaway, Run, run, run, run, runaway. Run, run, run, run, runaway.Run, run, run, run, runaway." Please let us know in the comments below.
rider: Mikkel Bang. photo: Adam Moran
13 Mikkel Bang
Mikkel Bang was on fire in the finals and the Chinese authorities kinda freaked out. Not sure if you have ever seen a Chinese fire drill but they aren't exactly a study in organization. rider: Mikkel Bang. photo: Adam Moran
14 Seppe Smitts
Welcome to Seppe Smitts Air & Style Landing Page. Keep checking back for updates on whether of not Seppe stomped, if he reverted, his afterbang and the crowd reaction. rider: Seppe Smitts. photo: Adam Moran
15 Seppe Smitts
2nd place is a big come up for Belgian Seppe Smitts. Congratulations! rider: Seppe Smitts. photo: Adam Moran
16 Seb Beijing
The blue lines in the landing obviously confused many of the riders who were unfamiliar with the subtleties of hockey. Canadian Sebastien Toutant showed up the hosers in the rest of the field by stomping a back 12 2x cork. Later accusations by some competitors that Sebastien is in fact an 11 –year-old Chinese gymnast went ignored. rider: Sebastien Toutant. photo: Adam Moran


1. Sebastien Toutant CAN
2. Seppe Smits BEL
3.Elias Elhardt GER
4. Mikkel Bang NOR
5. Peetu Piiroinen FIN
6. Wemer Stock AUT
7. Janne Korpi FIN
8. Scotty Lago USA
9. Marko Grilic SLO
10. Stale Sandbech NOR
11. Eric Willett USA
12. Markus Malin FIN
13. Kasuhiro Kokubo JPN
14. Andreas Wiig NOR
15. Halldor Helgasson ISL
16. Gjemund Braaten NOR