For their latest release Airblaster has pointed their video camera’s at Jed Anderson for an in the park Home Run. Joining Jed at Calgary’s 390 vertical foot Canada Olympic Park is none other than rogue ginger Nick Dirks. Jed and Nick light up the 1988 Winter Olympic venue with jib and jump laden hot laps. It’s random seeing Nick with a helmet but that’s the COP way. In addition to Jed’s return to the halfpipe where he won the Canadian Open a few years back, this video is full of standout clips including a FS layback slash to pretzel out at 2:20, a switch misty flip at the 4:00 mark and a train of fs ollie tail taps by both Jed and Nick just before 4:20. Why this edit didn’t end with a mad display of toonie tossing at The French Maid is beyond us but still this Airblaster Home Run is a real score.