Recently, I was granted the pleasure of accompanying a group of the world’s best jibbers on a filming mission to arguably the most prolific city for street riding on the globe: Helsinki, Finland. Before this trip, I hadn’t spent all too much time with these guys, but now that it’s all said and done and I’m packing up and making my way back to the States, I can honestly say that they are one of the funniest, most productive, and innately talented crews that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The riders on board were Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Louis-Felix Paradis, Alex Cantin, Will Lavigne, Phil Jacques, and Frank April. Nic Sauve left before I arrived due to a minor injury, but he’s already on the mend and almost back at it while Ben Bilocq is in Whistler filming in the backcountry. Also on the trip were SNOWBOARDER Magazine Online Video Producer John Cavan, “Déjà Vu” filmers Harry Hagan and Tanner Pendleton, SNOWBOARDER Magazine Senior Photographer and principal photographer for the film Oli Gagnon, and the brains behind the whole production Hayden Rensch and Greg Desjardins. The ultimate objective of “Déjà Vu” is to film a movie that will have as much of an impact on snowboarding as the release that put all of these guys on the map, Sugar Shack’s “Bandwagon,” and from what I witnessed firsthand, it’s no doubtedly going to deliver on that goal. These eight French Canadian phenoms re-wrote the books on modern-day urban riding and “Déjà Vu,” which comes out this fall, will blow your mind. Here’s a behind-the-scenes account of our trip to Helsinki. Enjoy.

-T. Bird

Déjà Vu Dispatch: Helsinki, Finland