words: Steve Lauder
photos: Bryan Cordero

Last season was a major highlight in the history of Buck 90 and the Ugly Kidz, having merged the two productions now based in Colorado. Winning back to back Rome Snowboard’s “Local Gnar Contest” and being awarded the Rome van (with gas funds and product) our destination was set for Waterbury, VT. With a healthy amount of snow, a cold front in the forecast, and the addition of a rail atop the van welded by B90 technician Richie Picarelli, morale was high.  The crew stayed warm with some hot laps at Sugarbush Parks then the van set out for Maine, eventually making our way to New York and meeting up with Timmy Sullivan. Deciding that he couldn’t miss out on the antics, Timmy hopped on for the ride. From there, we crammed nine dudes into one hotel room (needless to say, it was a smelly disaster that resulted in a plundering of food every morning from their continental breakfast).

With Cleveland as the next destination, a few stops were made in between. After some hard slams and a couple shots logged, we found ourselves heading further west in search of a new zone. The Windy City being our current location, with new-found friends and only the horizon in sight. It’s been a haul, with no heat, little cash and oatmeal for breakfast everyday. In the end, it’s all been worth it. Not just for the shots we’ve captured for our upcoming movie, ‘ITIS, but for the friends and memories we’ve made along the way. Life on the road, it’s a beautiful thing!

Big thanks to Sugarbush Parks and the HOC guys, Robin, X, Timmy and Cass, Jon O’D, Knowbuddy Jake Luczak, Nick, Pauly, Pauly’s dad, Lyle, and Johnny!

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