Dispatches: Hug Life – Huggy 1.0 Rome In The Midwest

Johnny Lazz has American Spirit. Photo: Huggy

SNOWBOARDER’s photo editor Ryan Hughes… better known as Huggy popped his Dispatch cherry with this post. Right now he is shooting out in Minnesota with the Rome team including Johnny Lazz, LNP, Viktor Simco, and Mark Wilson. Stay tuned for more from this crew.

Johnny Cash, nope… Johnny Lazz. Photo: Cavan
Thanks for the F shack. Signed, Dirty Larry and the Boys. Photo: Lazz
Larry has an emotional moment with his estranged father. Photo: Cavan
Laurent and Viktor Simco getting silly. Photo: Lazz
Classic rail spot in Minneapolis. Photo: Huggy
Laurent and Victor taking taking a union break. Photo: Huggy
Working with bungees is a lot like being being on a road crew. It takes lots of hard work, teamwork, and a guy with a beard to supervise. Photo: Huggy
Well that's unprofessional. Photo: Huggy
Hotel night stand, 5 days deep.
Hotel night stand, 5 days deep.
Smelled a lot better outside the van. Photo: Cavan

Victor the player killing it for the ladies at Manard’s hardware store. Video: Lazz