Dispatches: Peetard – Peter Line 1.2 Face Shots

Slaves to the media.

Photos & Captions: Peter Line

Normally it’s considered pretty weird for middle-aged men to take pictures of small children.. well we guess it is still pretty weird when Peter Line does it, but we will give him some slack. Pete swung through Government Camp/ Mt. Hood during our America’s Next Top Pro Model contest and during the charity auction portion he snapped a few photos of some of the High Cascade campers, pros, and industry folks. This is the result.

Eero Ettala

Kevin Jones

The Heartthrob

The Introvert
Freckles and sand.
Lauri Heiskari
Aaron Biittner. The 70s porn star.
Max Weinberger
Wiener Man Cory Grove
Russell Winfield
Pat Bridges the editor.
T. Bird the senior editor.