Dispatches: Quebexit Strategy – Oli Gagnon 1.3 Pow Surfing

Oli Dispatch 4 01
Dirksen is here! Notice how he just checked in his board in the plane. No board bag is the way to go.

Photos & Captions: Oli Gagnon

SNOWBOARDER senior photographer Oli Gagnon is back with another Dispatch from the North Island. It looks like Josh Dirksen joined the Salomon crew for a little Japow. Stay tuned for more Dispatches from this Canadian camera man.

Oli Dispatch 4 02
Wolle and his ASMO board. That thing has seen a lot of action in the last few weeks.
Oli Dispatch 4 03
This is Nobu and Atsushi, OG riders and shapers of the Yuki-Ita. Amazing wooden pow surfers board. Check out Atsushi's blog here: http://make-ykiita.jugem.jp/?eid=148
Oli Dispatch 4 04
They have husky dogs pulling sleds here in Hokaido
Oli Dispatch 4 05
Harrison testing the new Ashbury HD lenses.
Oli Dispatch 4 06
Josh getting stoked with all that neige.
Oli Dispatch 4 07
And sending this indy off that pillow.
Oli Dispatch 4 08
We ran into Mike Yoshida on the hill, you can tell he knows what up cause he's got that double goggle stee going.
Oli Dispatch 4 09
I was hiking up in the middle of nowhere when I ran into this fisheye mirrror.
Oli Dispatch 4 10
This is MT Yotei near Niseko.
Oli Dispatch 4 11
Atsushi posing here with the 3rd board he ever shaped. A true piece of art.
Oli Dispatch 4 12
Harrison found a new passion.
Oli Dispatch 4 13
Here are my options for dinner. I randomly picked something.
Oli Dispatch 4 14
And this is what i got. Harsh zeach.
Oli Dispatch 4 15
Taka Nakai and Rio Tahara. Big in Japan.