words and photos: Cory Grove, Cobra Dogs Owner

I headed back to Park City to open up Cobra Dogs for the Winter. When I get in work mode it’s all out and I never do anything fun. This time I made myself take a day off, or maybe my friends made me take a day off? Either way, I needed it. I have never been to the Bone Zone believe it or not. It’s run by all my good homies so it was time. It really is a magical place where boys can just hang out and be redneck snowboarders. It’s in the middle of nowhere and the hike in is long as shit.  That keeps the kooks out though so it is worth it.  No politics here, just the good ol’ boys making fires, drinking coffee, cooking meat, talking about girls, the occasional marijuana cigarette, and snowboarding. Raw snowboarding. Just how it should be. Snowboarding is alive and well at the Bone Zone.

Today I head to “The Spot” with Jeremy Jones and crew. A side by side taste test of sorts. The Bone Zone is my crew but I bet they have guns at The Spot. Bonus points.