Words & Photos: Cobra Dogs Owner, Cory Grove

After going to the Bone Zone, I gave Jeremy Jones a shout to see if I could go shoot The Spot. It’s in the same remote area as the Bone Zone just a few clicks to the South East. The Bone Zone is my crew so I was stoked when Jeremy said I could come shoot. But I have also known Jeremy and J.P. Walker for a long time. Like, a really long time. Before Forum. We have never been super tight or anything but have always had a mutual respect for each other. Maybe that is the problem. I am in total photo mode right now. Nothing more, nothing less. Having known them so long, the rock star factor is not there for me. Unfortunately, it’s like that in snowboarding for me with a lot of pro’s from being in it so long.
But once those 2 dudes strapped in and started doing their thing, it hit me. I am in the middle of nowhere with J.P. Walker and Jeremy Jones shooting photos. Wow. It was all very clear now why they are who they are for a few reasons. They are still really good friends. They push each other and get along like they just struck the friendship. They also have a savage work ethic and combine that with confidence, it’s a good formula. Then there is the snowboarding. Once they started hitting those rails it was hard to concentrate on the photos. I just wanted to watch them snowboard. Seeing it that up close and personal blew my mind. They are true masters of their craft and again, why they are who they are. JP and Jeremy are bosses of the sport for a reason.