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Hey Na! PA Shredding
By: Huggy
All Photos: Huggy

"Aside from having the largest Amish population in the United States, Pennsylvania is best known for the Liberty Bell, Hershey's chocolate bars, the Rocky movies, and Michael Scott of The Office. The last thing you would think about PA is having dope freestyle snowboarding, yet all this could change after this year.

Seven Springs is located in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, roughly an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh. The park crew, led by Joel Rerko, is on a constant mission to build legit parks and pipes, and this drive is what led them to make an overabundance of snow in the vicinity of their halfpipe. Located on a steeper slope than most pipes, nearly forty feet of extra snow is needed to raise the lower section and therefore lessen the vertical pitch. As the halfpipe is 590 feet long, this can amount to quite a bit of snow. Fortunately, Seven Springs has a long pedigree of snowmaking innovation, starting with the invention of the HDK tower system in the seventies. This means that with projects of this sort, they can literally bring out the big guns. All of the extra snow used at Seven Springs was able to be farmed, pushed, and plied into several late-season features created exclusively for the upcoming Forum team video, Fuck It." – Huggy

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Austen Sweetin
Austen Sweetin
Alek Oestreng
Alek Oestreng
Austen Sweetin
Austen Sweetin
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Seven Springs
Seven Springs
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Stevie Bell