Words: Pat Bridges

With the long holiday weekend Snowboardermag.com has prepared an XXL update to keep people clicking all the way to Tuesday.

Memorial Day is all about commemorating those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. For this XXL update we have decided to pay tribute to a rider who is both a legend and a patriot. Back in November of 2010 JP Walker started posting his past videopart library on Therealjp.com under the banners of Gnarchive and Shredography. Here we have all of JP Walkers video parts in their entirety in one post to keep you busy watching and learning all weekend long when not sippin’ sadats and bbq’in.

1996 – The Warriors
JP Walkers first significant part in Whitey’s The Warriors. Lots of switch spinning here including a switch backside 7.

1997 – Kingpin Chrionicles
A shared part to GNR with TRJJ. Long before triple corks and by the looks of the filming maybe even tripods.

1997 – Simple Pleasures
JP moved up the ranks to the Mack Dawg crew and found himself with an F on his base. Kurt Heine explored the sidecountry of Mt. Hood with JP and co when the Don wasn’t busy doing his part to resurrect jibbing.

1998 – Decade
JP Walker starts in Mack Dawg’s opus Decade. Equal parts jib as jumps JP isn’t pulling any token attempts as tricks start to define the spots. Check the half pipe hap at the end. Legit.

1999 – Technical Difficulties
As significant as the tricks is the song JP has for his Technical Difficulties part. This is where hip hop makes it’s debut as the soundtrack to his segments. Possibly JP’s most diverse part with pow, parks, pipe and urban all in succession. The token cripplers are ever bigger and and now linked with haakan flips. Check out the switch bs5 quarterpipe cork spin at 1:10 and then the fakie human kickflip at 1:45!

2000 – The Resistance
JP Walker is welcomed to the Whistler backcountry in The Resistance and The Nixon Jibfest makes its debut. In the streets JP starts seeking out rails with multiple kinks and serious consequences. Sick switch pow sequence at 2:44. The Don continues to do more than just dabble in the pipe with a bs3 eggplant and a double overhead crippler that is more like a fs180 to switch mctwist. Then he gets beat down by Corey Lake.

2001 – True Life
Jibs become the defining elements of JP’s parts with True Life. The legendary Burlington High rail makes its debut and practically gets shut down the same day. At 3:15 JP points it down a rock face that for sure deserves mention in any Gnarchive. He follows that up with an early clip of a creeper and a big ol’ cab 9 tail into pow.

2004 – Shakedown
Though his jibs are ever more consequential it is JP’s jumping in Shakedown which really shook up the sport. Particularly his ender which is widely acknowledged as the first double cork ever!

2005 – Chulksmack
Donkeys, closeouts and double booter lines defined JP’s section of Chulksmack. By now all JP’s jibs are proper with no scraps making the final edit.

2006 – That
With his That closer JP’s jibbing goes international as he expands his arena to include Helsinki, Finland and Quebec, Canada while still settling spots in SLC and upstate NY. Whistler still proves to be one-stop shopping for backcountry clips. JP’s cab underflip over the Whistler gap is alltime. JP pioneers the ten foot plus drop down in that with several story+ stomps. The crippler also returns in That only now executed off of some crete as is a legit head-high mctwist out of a Helsinki bowl.

2008 – Double Decade
Gap to’s and redirects define JP’s Double Decade tour de force. Alien tricks like a switch mctwist around the elbow are out of this world. JP even 50-50’s a chain link fence!

2009 – This Video Sucks
After fourteen years producing parts JP Makes history once again with an all switch segment!

2010 – Real Snow
This is what JP produced before January 1st, 2011. More than most riders get in one season or three!