Dew Tour Killington 2011 Slopestyle Finals

Aleksander Ostreng

Words: Tyler Davis
Photos: Owen Ringwall

January 21, 2012-The second stop of the Dew Tour made its way back east for the Pantech Invitational, held at Killington, Vermont. With light snow falling throughout the day, the 12 riders in the finals put on an impressive show, where 1080's and double corks were mandatory tricks for anyone who had made it this far.

Charles Reid

Even with the subpar snowfall we've had on the east coast, the terrain park crew from Killington and SPT did an incredible job with the course, with Eric Willett saying, "The course was sick. The jumps were on point and the rails were pretty creative." The top included a variety of different rail options, from down bars and gap transfers to a unique set of cannon rails with street style takeoffs. The rails flowed right into a triple line of massive jumps. The field was filled with seasoned contest pros like Chas Guldemond and Mark Mcmorris, and a few rookies like Jake Aaronson and Justin Morgan, who earned their way into the finals. With snow continuing to fall throughout the finals, speed became an issue for nearly everyone. Alek Ostreng was one of the first riders to make it through the course, sticking three perfect 900's, which put him in the lead early on. His lead didn't last long, as Eric Willet stomped his first run with a score of 91. He put down solid rail tricks and three different double corks. Sebastien Toutant followed up his podium place at the last stop with a solid run that included technical rail tricks and double corks in three directions.

Chas Guldemond

When all was said and done, it was young gun Justin Morgan walking away in third place with an 80.25 on his second run. Be on the lookout for this kid, he rode really well and has a genuine love for snowboarding that is contagious. Sebastien Toutant's first run score of 85.5 was enough for second place. Rounding out the top three was none other than Eric Willett, whose flawless first fun was deserving of first place. With stop two in the books, make sure to check back tomorrow for the pipe contest and stay tuned for up-to-the-minute event coverage.


1. Eric Willett
2.Sebastien Toutant
3. Justin Morgan

Eric Willett
Gjermund Braaten
Mark Mcmorris
Sebastien Toutant
Ulrik Badertscher
Eric Willett
Gjermund Braaten
Staale Sandbech
Eric Willett
Staale Sandbech
Dew Tour Slopestyle Men's Podium. (L to R) Sebastien Toutant, Eric Willett, Justin Morgan