words and photos: Mike Azevedo

The Lib Tech Near Canada Open went off without a hitch in beautiful Sunday River Maine. The extremely creative course offered up a cornucopia of features for the competitors to weave their way in and out of. This allowed the riders to come up with new lines every time they dropped, which made the four hour jam session anything but dull. As Burtner called out tricks for a prize of ten dollars at a time, the riders responded with excitement, eager to please the crowd and collect some greenbacks.

The contest was much more than a checklist though, with creativity and progression being rewarded at random. Abandoning all normal contest structure made for much more shredding and a lot less standing around, which is a delight in comparison to most events. When the four hours concluded, the entire group of riders collected at the top of the course and  all took a celebratory run to cap off the day. Jeff Deforge was crowned the day’s Overall Champion and Brandon Reis was presented with the Golden Claw, Crab Grab’s award for just being a beast–or it might be for Brandon’s Harlem Shake video, I can’t be sure. This event really set an example for how to put on an enjoyable contest. Lib Tech is for the children, just like Wu Tang.