Opening weekend is one of the cherished traditions within the calendar year of snowboarding. Chairs begin to turn and all of the people that you meet up with during the winter are brought back together by a shared passion for going up lifts and down trails. While opening day at any resort is a glorious day, there are certain mountains whose festivities are renowned and Mammoth Mountain in California is one of these locations. On November 7, Mammoth opened up for winter 2013-14 and all the SoCal snowboarders who have been waiting in the line up took back their spots in the liftline. It was a legendary weekend, with sunny weather, riders like Pat Moore, Austen Sweetin, Brady Lem, Luke Haddock, Teddy Koo, and Tim Humphreys, and a good dose of the extra awesome nightlife that Mammoth is known for. If you weren’t able to make it to the opening of the Unbound park, don’t worry, SNOWBOARDER was there to snap photos of the action and there’s plenty more where this came from. Watch Mammoth opening weekend video.