photos: Peter Morning

While every resort has an opening day, there are few that have as much fanfare as Mammoth Mountain, California. And rightly so, because when the lifts of Mammoth start to turn, it’s synonymous with the winter as a whole kicking off. Opening day 2013 landed on November 7th and was greeted with a whole slew of locals, visitors, and industry folks. A grip of riders, the likes of Pat Moore, Scott Blum, Tyler Flanagan, Garrett Warnick, Eric Jackson, Harrison Gordon, Eero Ettala, and more were pointing it downhill with finesse that made it seem as if they hadn’t taken a day off snow. Laps were made and toasts were celebrated all under bluebird skies, welcoming the winter. It doesn’t get much better than that. Check out these photos of the first two days at Mammoth and stay tuned for more from opening weekend.