US Open, Stratton, Vermont. Photo: Huggy

US Open, Stratton, Vermont. Photo: Huggy

Steven Fisher can ride the hell out of a halfpipe. Topping the X Games halfpipe podium twice, two Vans Triple Crown wins, three Grand Prix Victories, and four World Cup titles, Fisher has silenced critics and proved he’s here to stay. Let’s not forget to mention his recent podium appearance at America’s Next Top Pro Model Highest Air contest. This week Steve Fisher throws down 8 tracks for your listening pleasure. You be the judge and let us know your thoughts on his picks.

album-emerald-city1. Passion Pit – “Little Secrets” – Manners

This song puts me in a good mood.


joshboots22. Kid Cudi – “Make Her Say” – Make Her Say – Single

I love the beats.

No Show Sox

3333. Pete Rock – “Fly Till I Die” – Soul Survivor II

Awesome song.

Les Savy Fav - Go Forth

nada+surf+lucky+front4. Phoenix – “1901” – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I just like it.

Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher

noage_wr5. The Limousines – “Very Busy People” – Very Busy People – Single

It has funny lyrics and good rhythm.

Alex Gopher - Alex Gopher

noage_wr6. Up, Bustle & Out – “Tabla, Talkin’ Dub” – Indian Electronica, Vol. 1

Chill out sound. It’s relaxing ambient music.

Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy

noage_wr7. Q-Tip – “Gettin’ Up” – The Renaissance

I love all Tribe Called Quest, and this is Q Tip’s latest album.

Pica Beats - Beating Back The Claws of the Cold

noage_wr8. Kanye West – “Good Life” – Graduation

It’s a great song.

Pica Beats - Beating Back The Claws of the Cold