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America’s Next Top Pro Model. Mt. Hood, OR. America’s Next Top Pro Model is my favorite SNOWBOARDER event. Every summer, we invite nearly every rider in the world that has a pro model snowboard to come compete in numerous events up at High Cascade Snowboard camp to determine who has the best pro model in the world. To me, the event is just as much about the night life as it is the on-hill activities, and last summer (with the help of Java Fernandez and E-Stone) was hands-down the best one ever. This photo was taken toward the end of the Chinese Downhill. Bode is in the lead, checking back to see who’s behind him. Kyle Clancy is in second, and Bryan Fox had just ollied over Iikka Backstrom at terminal velocity after Iikka stacked shit. Fox still finished in third. I thought he would win his third Chinse Downhill in a row. Bode won this event, and it pretty much clinched the overall title for him. We got so drunk on cosmos that night. Bode Merrill in the lead.