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It’s officially in the second week of the Nike “Chosen” Contest and things are heating up. There are currently 146 crews signed up from the United States and 18 from Canada. Standings are changing daily, so here’s a look at the current top 5 leaders from around the world.

1. The Cimal Crew: Canada

Luke Hambly
Mason Hambly
Jesse Hambly
Brady Smith

Park, Urban

Likes: 872 Comments: 68

About: We’re men, we go on river boat gambling trips, make our own beef jerky that kind of thing.

2. This Must Be The Place: United States

Blaze Kotsenburg
Jesse Gouveia
Andrew Aldridge
Connor Brown
Style: Urban

Likes: 881 Comments: 46

3. Ravers: Portugal, Spain

RAVERS is the team that is going to change the way you see snowboard

Pedro Santos
Diogo Pomberio
Henrique Nunes
Joao Vital

Style: Park, Urban, Backcountry

Buzz: 634 Likes, 148 Comments

RAVERS is the team that is going to change the way you see snowboard

4. Jupiter People: United States

Erik Leon
Kyle Schafer

Style: Park

Likes: 620 Comments: 23

5. Mystery District- United States

Derek Weimer
Pat Miller
Phillip Damianakes
Aj Ogden

Park, Urban, Backcountry

598 Likes, 24 Comments

We are Mystery District. Based out of Boise, ID.

Now that you’ve had a look at the top crews, get over to Nike Chosen to sign up your Crew for your chance to live like a Nike Pro. It’s simple, gather a crew, sign up on Facebook, upload a video of your crew, and start blasting info about why your crew should be Chosen.

Just Do It.