Niko Cioffi: ON DECK

Photo: Tim Peare
Date of Birth: 04.05.89 Home Mtn: Killington, VT Stance: Regular

With his scrappy swagger, disheveled kit, inquisitive nature, and a bizarre profusion of Rutland pride, Niko Cioffi is the thinking man's Lucas Magoon. Like every other East Coast boarder with more than an ounce of ambition, Niko migrated west after high school. The fruits of this journey are now being realized, as the twenty-year-old regular-footer spent last season alongside the likes of Eddie Wall, Stevie Bell, Peter Line, and the rest of Forum's pro squad filming for their latest release, Forever. Having spent many seasons on the slopes of Killington, I have always kept track of all the kids coming up from back there. Seeing Niko make his mark makes me stoked on my K-Town roots.
–– Pat Bridges

To officially be on "the come-up" these days, you gotta take a different approach to what you choose to ride. Nico finds that creativity in a pole jam front 3. Photo: Tim Peare
BOARD: Forum Recon

Niko Cioffi On…

The Vermont State Fair
"It happens in Rutland every fall. There are fights everywhere, cracked-out carnies, fresh milk from cows, and sketchy rides. They had a game with a table of knives, and if you could throw a ring over any knife, you won it. I heard someone stabbed a person with a knife they won, so they took the game away. The best ride is always the Zipper. It's caught on fire a few times, but they always bring it back."

The West Coast

"Everything is easier. I went from riding ice to riding pow—that makes life way better."

"Under the Superstar lift on a pow day is the best. There are three good rope ollies, and no one goes there. It is also steep, and you can go so fast."

Being pro and still living back East
"I was thinking about living in Killington this next season because I don't think I'm going to be able to afford rent in Tahoe. I think I could pull it off."

Gremlins 3

"The Rutland movie is a two-year project. It is going slow but good. It'll be skating, snowboarding, a bunch of partying, and hopefully a bunch of fights and girls…and some four-wheelin'. It'll be the Rutland BozWreck. Lucas was all crazy one night and decided Gremlins 3 was going to be the name. That was that—the name was set."

Rutland's Next Generation
"Either Tyler Lynch or Ryan Allaire."

Snowboarding Goals
"Getting last part in a video."

BOARD: Forum Recon
BOARD: Forum Image
BOOT: Forum Destroyer
BOOT: Forum Tweaker
BINDING: Forum Shaka
BINDING: Forum Shaka
GOGGLE: Electric EG1
GOGGLE: Electric EG1
JACKET: Special Blend Diablo Jacket
JACKET: Special Blend Diablo Jacket
PANTS: Special Blend D.B. Pant
PANTS: Special Blend D.B. Pant

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