Though UK rider Jamie Nichols wasn’t alive during WWII and the Battle Of Britain his performance during the 50 minute jam might have been Britains 2nd Finest Hour. r: Jamie Nicholsp: Aaron Dodds

Fabricated street style rail jams are usually reserved for urban environments in the off-season. On the evening of Saturday December 11th, 2010 Copper Mountain, CO in conjunction with US Snowboarding hosted a handful of the worlds top emerging jib talent on their own approximation of a compact, street style setup. A scaffolding drop in sent the competitors across the fall line towards a riders right wallride. From there the contenders were redirected to a multi option feature with a kicker over a jersey barrier gap-to tranny finder landing. Left of the Launch were a 25-foot long flat bar closeout and a 16 stair downbar with a one foot donkey at the end. The 17 men and 3 women jammed for over an hour to earn a piece of the $15,000 in cash up for grabs. Rather than recapping the event from the perspective of a bystander SNOWBOARDER has tapped the invitees themselves to tell us their opinions of who put down the top tricks of the event.

“Forest Bailey’s bs 3 50-50, Zak Hale’s front blunt to regs.” – Jonah Owen

“Dylan Thompson’s front blunt 450 on the closeout, Forest Bailey’s back lip closeout to tranny finder (g code!)” – Chris Brewster:

“Forest Bailey’s back three onto the donkey, Johnny Brady’s back seven.” – Darrah Reid

“Dylan Thompson’s front blunt 450, Forest Bailey’s back 3.” – Dylan Alito

“Forest Bailey’s back 3 fifty, Jonah Owen’s 180 on opposite 3 off on the closeout.” – Austin Sweetin

“Forest Bailey’s bs 3 to down, Ted Borland’s half-cab nosepress.” – Dylan Thompson

“Tyler Flanagans cab 180 to 50-50 to front 360 out on the closeout, Derek Dennisons nose press on the close out.” – Pat Milbery

“Forest Bailey’s back 3, Austin Sweetin’s back blunt 270.” – Zak Hale

“Dylan Thompson’s front blunt 450 same way 450 on the closeout, Ted Borland’s half-cab nosepress out on the down bar.” – Derek Dennison

“Tyler Flanagan’s front one cab three, Forest Bailey’s back 3.” – Colleen Quigley

“Forest Bailey’s back 3 50-50, Zak Hale’s front blunt to regs on the closeout.” – Ted Borland

“Zak Hale’s front blunt toosevendy the close out rail all bossy, Forest Bailey ollieing up from the outside and backlipping the closeout but popping into the outer tranny and catchin’ it perfect!” – Ryan Paul

“Forest Bailey’s back 3 50-50, Zak Hale’s front blunt same way on the closeout.” – Yale Cousino

“Forest Bailey’s back 3 to 50-50 on the donkey dick, Dylan Thompson’s front blunt 450 out on the closeout.” – Tyler Flanagan

“Zak Hale’s front blunt 270 on the closeout, anything that Chris Brewster did, Jonah Owen’s tricks were tight.” –Forest Bailey

Pretty misty how the shadow from the down donkey looks like a creeper. That last sentence is so random when taken out of context. r: Spencer Linkp: Aaron Dodds

We are pretty sure this is Chris Brewster. Then again we did once run a photo of Xavier De La Rue in Chamonix and label it Chris Bradshaw so what the hell do we know. r: Chris Brewsterp: Aaron Dodds

Seeing the US Snowboarding logos reminds us of the US Army. What the hell happened to all those advertising dollars that the department of defense used to waste on magazine placements? And the Navy? It is like they also abandoned ship. Seriously call us. We are more than happy to have an ad for the military following one of Peters Colons. r: Pat Milberyp: Aaron Dodds

One way to cut corners when holding a jib event is to include some closeout rails which have been marked down because the manufacturer has discontinued them. It is as if they have been “86’d.” r: Ryan Paulp: Aaron Dodds

This is a pretty sweet sixteen stair. Speaking of sweet sixteen who remembers that 80’s jam of the same name by Billy Idol. Pretty sketchy song in hindsite. r: Cheryl Maasp: Aaron Dodds

It seems obvious. That is, why haven’t ski areas employed the likes of Paul Mitchell to improve their grooming departments? Seriously. How often do you hear people complain about the conditions being icy or too choppy? Well you’ve never heard anyone who uses Paul Mitchell shampoo or conditioner complain about having icy or choppy hair. Think about it. l to r: Colleen Quigley, Cheryl Maas, Darrah Reidp: Aaron Dodds

Bababooey, bababooey, Howard Sterns Penis. How awesome is it that the King Of All non-snowboarding Media has signed on for another 5 years of broadcasting? Way awesome. You hear that Wall Street. Now how about a little help with the stock already. r: Forest Baileyp: Aaron Dodds

It is kinda surprising that you don’t see more Tijuana entertainers jibbing. It isn’t like they aren’t comfortable performing with Donkey’s… r: Austen Sweetinp: Aaron Dodds

Zak Hale may have won the whole event but he lost his right arm in the practice. Sometimes when he is in air, he can almost feel his phantom hand grabbing his edge like on a method. It is sad really because he is just doing some sort of whack looking shifty and everybody feels so much pitty for him that they won’t tell him it isn’t a real method. Not even a Tina. r: Zak Halep: Aaron Dodds

This is what all snowboarding imagery on the internet looked like before the invention of color film. Fact. r: Zak Halep: Aaron Dodds

Austin Sweetin is riding a 143 Forum Spinster GIRLS BOARD! Also did you ever notice that sometimes when you are dyslexic the base of the Burton Nug says Gnu? Just check it out next time you are dyslexic and you’ll see where we are coming from. l to r: Austin Sweetin, Zak Hale, Forest Baileyp: Aaron Dodds

Austin Sweetin is riding a 143 Forum Spinster GIRLS BOARD! Also did you ever notice that sometimes when you are dyslexic the base of the Burton Nug says Gnu? Just check it out next time you are dyslexic and you¹ll see where we are coming from. l to r: Austin Sweetin, Zak Hale, Forest Bailey p: Aaron Dodds

Paul Mitchell Progression Session Final Results
1st Cheryl Maas – $1200
2nd Colleen Quigley – $600
3rd Darrah Reid – $300

1st Zak Hale – $5000
2nd Austin Sweetin – $2500
3rd Forest Bailey – $1300