Prior AMF Splitboard

Prior Snowboards

Prior AMF Splitboard
Prior AMF Splitboard

Prior AMF Splitboard


+ World's First Freestyle Splitboard
+ Twin with Hybrid-Rocker
+ Vertically Laminated Maple Wood Core
+ Quadraxial Carbon Fiberglass
+ Sintered UHMW Diecut Base
+ Comes with Voile Kit / Skins
+ Handcrafted in Whistler, Canada


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The AMF Splitboard isn’t your average big mountain machine, rather it puts new technology together to create a board that turns on a dime and accelerates in all conditions. Prior’s hybrid rocker puts camber between the bindings and gives the tip and tail a subtle lift, with easy transition from edge to edge and quick turn initiation, the AMF has vertically laminated maple wood core, quadraxial carbon fiberglass, sintered UHMW diecut base and voile skins for hiking.