sicktonary g

Ganjola [Gahn-jo-lah] noun: A gondola that is the preferred place to hotbox; also reefer-red to as a “chrondola”.


Ganked [Gahnkd] noun: Referring to a stolen item, usually a snowboard. “Dude, I went inside for a Tab and when I came back outside I saw that my Barfoot got ganked!” Though much has changed in snowboarding’s minute history, ganking someone’s board is still totally not tubular, bro


Gap [gap] noun A feature that has an independent takeoff and landing, with serious consequences in between.


Gap To [gahp too] adj: Any obstacle in which you are forced to ollie out to, due to a protruding wall, post, gap, etc.… Don’t confuse with “gap tooth,” which describes the smile of anyone who has knocked loose some choppers coming up short on the gap to.


Gaper [gay-purr] noun A space between hat and goggles, most frequently found on Joeys and out-of-towners. Also the moniker for said subjects.


Gel (Jell) noun (A) A colored filter placed over a flash or other external light source in order to manipulate a photo’s hue. Can be made of tissue, cellophane, foreskin, or spray paint. (B) Crap that girls and dude-faces smear on their heads in order to manipulate their dead follicles.


Genesis [jenn-eh-ses] noun: Hitting any obstacle in a side-slip position and landing in a side-slip position. One of the only tricks in snowboarding where the icier it is, the safer it is. If you’re afraid of the ice, then you can’t dance.


Glacier [gley-shr] noun A mass of ice formed after hundreds of centuries of cold temperatures and snowfall. Often found at higher elevations. Global warming has caused all glaciers to recede.


Glacier Glasses [Gla-shur  Glahs-sehs] noun As seen on Uruguayan rugby players, European snowboard photographers, and Sir Edmund Hillary, these sunglasses with leather around the lenses protect the wearer from peripheral exposure to sunlight  either directly from above or reflected from below. Most often worn at altitude where retinal burn and snow blindness are a hazard.


Glade [glãd] noun: A sophisticated term for alpine woods and trees, which are easily navigated via snowboards or skis. People who use the term “glade” are likely to be heard using other words like “granular,” “mule-kick,” “war bonds,” and “champagne powder.”


Gnarly [nar’lee] adjective Describes situations where danger is present. Applies to snow conditions, terrain, technical trickery, flatulence, or your friends’ late-night antics.


Goggle Chamois [Gahg-uhl  Sham-mee] noun: A moisture- wicking, quick-drying cloth used to wipe away wetness from one’s  goggles, either inside or out. Popularized by hot rod enthusiasts hellbent on keeping their ride shiny, this soft, supple velveteen material is your ticket to visual victory.  Seeing is believing and a chamois can make a believer out of anyone.


Gondola [gon-doh-lah] noun An enclosed lift that allows two to eight passengers per car to ascend at one time.


Gondola [Gahn-doh-lah] noun:  Cable-borne pods that transport from four to ten people to the top of the slopes.


Grab (Grrrrr-ab) noun: A main ingredient for a properly done trick, yet sometimes performed out of necessity when one fears mid-air board detachment. Rarely found in televised halfpipe contests, yet almost always found at the après party underneath bar room tables. “Dude, that pro ho is fully grabbing Sean’s johnson!”


Grain (Grey-nuh): Texture or fuzz on film. High-speed films, Super 8, and 16mm have more grain than “slower” films (such as 100 or 200 speed film). If horses were pulling Nicolas, they would be fast, and would have eaten a lot of grain.


Grasser [grass-her]noun See “Method.”


Grease [grees-uh ]noun The viscous layer of abrasive debris that collects on top of the snow in late spring and in other warm conditions. This phenomenon is caused when the microscopic refuse released from a season of snowmaking and Sno-Cat exhaust collects on the snow and not only becomes denser, but rises to the surface during a meltdown and runoff. Your own body can also create “grease” in your shorts if the snow gets too “greasy” to clear the jump.


Grom [gr-ahm] noun Short for “grommet,” a grom is anyone that has yet to reach maturity in their riding abilities. Immature females are “grommettes.”