Superpark Sunday Showdown

With the final ballot cast three months of fierce online lobbying has come to an end and after all 38,000 votes were counted one edit has emerged as the victor. Snowboarder wishes to congratulate Johannes Brenning and the rest of the crew that created the entry from for sending in and supporting their Color Poppin submission. Upon hearing that he had won the Superpark Sunday Showdown presented by Gatorade Johannes had this to say: “I’m stoked we won and I will go to Japan with Eiki and Halldor for the cash. But I think Halldor did all of the work with his heel edge back 5s and The knuckle flip. People are super hyped on that. I more stoked on the teaser for Color Poppin the actual edit fore some reason. It was cool to be in the finals with the Whistler dudes. I filmed with E Man, Jody and Matt all summer and they are the dope ass hell. I’m also gonna buy a gun and get some more money that people owe me. Halldor is next to me and he would like to say Hallo there how is it going to all the web readers.” Obviously Johannes’s strength lies more in filming than phonics. Congratulations to and all of the filmers who had a part in making the first Superpark Sunday Showdown presented by Gatorade a success.

Superpark Check winning edit

Bonus Edits

Color Poppin mini teaser from on Vimeo.

Color Poppin bonus 2 from on Vimeo.

Super Park bonus! Beer riding! from on Vimeo.