Talkin’ Shop: Civil

Photos Courtesy of Civil
Photos Courtesy of Civil

Rhode Island super shop Civil is the brainchild board retailer of Guido Silvestri and Rob Asselin.

In 2007, Guido and Rob saw the need for a true snow and skate shop in lil' Rhodey, and with their combined experience in those respected industries, they birthed a boutique in the smallest state in the Union, with inspiration from the biggest cities in the world.

The mentalityat Civil is—as much as we hate to throw this word around—"core," as Silvestri and friends aren't going to trick their customers into buying a carbon fiber, double-axle, spoiler-equipped, 4-figure stick—but if you want it all, they got it all, and they'll sell it all.

Shops like Civil keep your local scene alive, so the next time you're on, think local, log off and head to your hometown shop, or else. Shit, do you really want a guy named Guido comin' after you?

–– Tom Monterosso

Civil Snowboard Shop
Civil Snowboard Shop

ADDRESS: 88 Main St,
East Greenwich, RI 02818
OPENED: 2007
TEAM RIDERS: Mary Rand, Marcus Rand, Brendan Gouin, Dylan Gamache, Kai Wiggins and a bunch of locals.