Talkin' Shop: Miloport

Milosport P: Steven Stone
Milosport P: Steven Stone

When JP Walker and Jeremy Jones order you to highlight MILOSport in the Talkin' Shop column, it's pretty evident that the shop is doing something right. One location in particular (Orem, UT) piqued their interest when discussing which shop to showcase, though there are four stores (Orem, South Jordan, Lafayette, and SLC, UT) currently sporting the MILO logo above the door. Opened in September of 1997, MILOSport continues to supply the greater Utah area with everything necessary to spend your winter in the backcountry or the streets, and they cater to every one of their customers equally. "We try and treat everybody the same. From Mormon moms to dirty skaters, you get the same treatment with no bias. After all, they spend the same money, so why not treat every friend of shredding the same across the board?" explains Benny Pellegrino. Aside from the plethora of product, they also have what may be the most powerful team of snowboarders any shop has ever assembled. It reads like an inventory of international talent: JP, Jeremy, Justin Bennee, Nate Bozung, Jordan Mendenhall, MFM, Bode Merrill, Mikey LeBlanc, Jon Kooley, Chris Coulter, and Matty Ryan are just a few names on the list of legendary talent and rookie recruits that are presently punishing everything in their path. If you're ever in the area, stop in and check out one of the most famous names in the game—Milosport. You won't regret it.

-Tom Monterosso

SHOP NAME: Milosport
359 E. University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058
TEAM RIDERS: Too many to mention. Just go to the website.