Words: JP Walker

What’s the best way to end a 3 week tour across Europe with the 32 team? How about 2 more weeks in Finland for some heavy street rail sessioning. Helsinki has been one of our favorite cities to film rails at for a long time now. I first went there about 8 years ago and Simon about 9. We have invested lots of time into the city discovering all the keys spots and local secrets but I think we have still only scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. Simon and I were already well adapted to the time zone after spending a few weeks in Europe but the other half of our crew, Andre Chamberlain and Blair McKinney, flew in fresh from Canada. We accelerated their recovery from the jet-lag with an onslaught of leaf steaks and Hesburger interludes and by ushering them through the streets of Helsinki 4 deep in our 2 person van with no reclining seats. Lots of time time was spent arguing about which spot had the best leaf steaks and me trying to convince the guys to try different selects of the harshest salmianki candies, some that make an extra strength Fisherman’s Friend taste like a child’s lollipop. This was only our second official film trip for our Jibberish project and it was a challenge to tool it up straight from another trip but it was tight. Everyone killed it and Blair and Andre fit into the Finnish puzzle like a well beaten leaf steak into my chassis.