words and photos: JP Walker

This season went by so fast. You start with a few warm up days and as soon as you are the slightest bit comfortable and there is snow in the right place, you suddenly find yourself at the top of a handrail. We filmed some fun edits this year for Jibberish Volume 2, but as usual our main goal was our full parts. We save all our best footy for the final edits to cap off the season.

I always start the season up at The Spot in Utah. It’s one of the only times I get to ride with Jeremy and Seth. Simon and Blair came out this season and despite all the issues, it turned out to be one of the funnest pre-season shreds ever. The first rail trip we went on was to Finland. We love it there and have made lots of friends and learned tons about the spots and how to be productive there. The next trip was back to the East Coast of Canada to hit up some of Simon and Blair’s local spots. We also hooked up with our little summer camp homie Cameron Spalding and got to shred his amazing backyard setup, Pine Valley Projects. We jumped back to Finland again but pointed it out of Helsinki for some up-north spots we wanted to revisit, but not before hooking up with Chebaleba and Rico Wamos to record some rap lyrics for one of our Jibberish episodes, “Finland Pokottiremix”. Japan was next on deck for some tradeshow action and some street rail filming. We hadn’t been there for a few years, so it was cool to go back, eat some crazy food and trip out on Japan. We headed back to Canada to try and scrape together some end-of-the-season pow days. We got a couple, but it came to an end quicker that we had expected. Next, we headed south to Bear Mtn for the Handplant Holiday. The set up was next level and everyone left with sore arms and shoulders after a full day of handplants. I went back up to Whistler for one more crack at the backcountry, but all it offered up was hot weather and dreams of doing something creative in the trees. Blair got down on a feature and we wrapped it up. The last few weeks I’ve been grinding on all the editing for a teaser and our final parts.

JP Walker Jibberish Volume 2 Full Part dropping August 5th on snowboardermag.com!

Simon ChamberlainĀ  Jibberish Volume 2 Full Part Dropping August 12th on snowboardermag.com!