words and photos: JP Walker

Finland has been a go-to spot for handrails for us close to ten years now. It’s a cold, dark beast, but if you can get a handle on it, you can come up on some good footy of unique-looking spots. It’s starting to get a little tapped now, but we still love to go there. We usually hit up some old classics to warm up and then tool up some new joints, as well. This year, we booked in with our old friend, videographer Ilari Suhonen. The last time we shot with him was for “This Video Sucks”. He brought along his homies, Niko, aka Rico Wamos, a videographer, but more importantly, one half of a Finnish rap duo. We checked a few music vids of him and his homies, Chebabla, and joked about making our next Jibberish edit somewhat of a rap video. Suddenly the jokes became a reality and I found myself in the studio recording my lines that I had written, after spending a week cooped up in the hotel after taking multiple hard slams at two different spots. The down time had me bored and I wrote a few lines down for fun and things just started to come together. I was gripped to perform my rap for everyone, but once I was in the booth mic’d up, I forgot about how silly this whole thing had become and just spit hot fire/sarcasm. We went about our usual grind and filmed a couple clips here and there specific to the rap edit and did one night of dedicated filming for the video. It felt like a mini concert, as we half sang and half lip-synced for the camera behind some old Finnish warehouses on a cold Helsinki night. One of my favorite things about snowboarding is all the crazy places it has taken me and all the cool people I’ve gotten to meet and work with. Who knew jumping down handrails would lead to being a featured recording artist for a Finnish rap duo. Good times out there. Shout out to Finland and all the homies. We will be back.