words and photos: JP Walker

We have been talking about doing an edit for “Jibberish” on someone’s backyard shred set up for awhile. It’s hard to plan something like this, because we need to base it around filming for our full video parts, so we would need to fit it into a rail film trip somehow along the way. We met the Spalding family through Camp of Champions a few years back and learned about their setup out in Ontario. We talked about going last season, but it never lined up, but this year everything fell into place. We hit up the parents of little Cameron Spalding and asked them if we could come ride their setup and surprise Cameron. They said, “yes,” and in a rare instance, we got to start off one of our rail trips by actually warming up on some fun, mellow rails and boxes before we dove into the street grind. The name of their jib park is called, “Pine Valley Projects”, and it was in perfect condition and could rival several resorts’ own professionally built and maintained snowboard parks. We were surprised at how good the setup was and stoked to ride. Maximum respect and thanks to the Spalding’s for inviting us into their home and giving us the chance to make an edit from their park.