The Feeders! Spokane 2011

It was hot as shit last weekend for the second stop of The Feeders! in Spokane, WA. With sunny skies and temps hovering around 100 degrees it was a last shot to get a sweet sunburn, suffer mild heat-stroke or just check out a bunch of mall rats wearing considerably less then they would in winter. Between broke down cars, possible meth-house explosions and general laziness there were quite a few no-shows, but the 30 AMs that showed up put on a great show. When it was all said and done Stefan Krumm (who place 2nd the week before in Portland) got the win and scored himself a new GNU Carbon Credit Street as well as the last invite into Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown in Seattle on October 8. Gared Schneider took 2nd and a new GoPro while Josh Naasz rounded out the top three and scored a prize pack from Arnette. After the event Zumiez treated everyone to a free screening of Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion in their store. The Think Thank trifecta of Jesse Burtner, Christina “Pika” Burtner and Sean Genovese signed autographs for the kids and then met up with the Snowboy crew for the unofficial post-event event, Margaritas for Days.

Thanks to Gnu Snowboards, Zumiez, Arnette, Vans, GoPro, Skullcandy, Mt Bachelor, Snowboarder Magazine, Think Thank, and Snowboy Productions for making it possible…see you in a couple weeks in Seattle for the DTTD!

3rd place finisher Josh Naasz on the down ledge. Photo: Adam Ramseth
DJ Freetyme Synthetic spins while Krush eats the invite. Photo: Adam Ramseth
Gared Schneider on the double barrel. Photo: Adam Ramseth
2 out of 3 groms are hyped on Snowboy Productions. Photo: Bryan Giddens
With temps near triple digits venting was a must. Photo: Adam Ramseth
A lot of girls watched the action these girls were in the action. Photo: Adam Ramseth
Mall cop saving another life. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Joe Hills rode strong and just missed the podium. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Evel Knievel is alive and well in Spokane, WA. Photo: Bryan Giddens
The hardest charging girl of the day scored a new pair of Arnette glasses. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Stefan Krumm on his way to winning a DTTD invite with this switch tailpress. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Hot Topic customers representing. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Aaron Cardwell made the drive across the state to get a free sunburn in Spokane. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Genovese and Burtner were too distracted with the final scoring to notice they were about to be robbed. Photo: Adam Ramseth
2nd Place finisher Gared Schneider and Sean Genovese. Photo: Adam Ramseth
1st Place finisher Stefan Krumm with Krush and Geno. Photo: Bryan Giddens
Autograph session with the Think Thank brains in Zumiez after a free screening of Ransack Rebellion Burtner, Pika, Genovese. Photo: Adam Ramseth
Niles is stoked. Photo: Bryan Giddens