Zak Hale at The Launch 5

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Zack Hale, Forrest Bailey, Austen Sweetin, Dylan Alito, Trevor Jacob, Keith Bennett, Johnny Lazz, Sam Elliot, Hand Mindnich, Nils Mindnick, Broc Waring, Tucker Andrew and everyone else who hung tough on Day 1 of The Launch 2010 rule. They also destroyed the jib to quarter gap. Seriously. R: Zak Hale P: E-Stone

The Launch 2010 presented by Rip Curl is now under way at Keystone, CO. Day 1 went off with less than desirable conditions with snow & wind, then sun, and then snow again. It was a roller coaster day, but these riders are hyped and charging no mater what the condition. Check out the photo gallery by Photo Editor Ryan Hughes, and Senior Photographer E-Stone. Pat Bridges gives the days run down with the photo captions.