Videograss “Bon Voyage” Premiere: Salt Lake City

Bon Voyage SLC 02
Olympus Hills Bowling in SLC

Words and Photos: E Stone

Yesterday August 19th, 2010 a freak storm moved in and actually gave us our first dusting in the higher elevations! Winter is in the air and quite fittingly it was the night of SLC's first Snowboard movie premier. The Videograss crew in conjunction with Milo Sport threw a bowling party and video showing to an eager crowd at Olympus hills Bowling alley.

Bon Voyage SLC 03
This was early in the evening while the place was still filling up and people were claiming their lanes and taking advantage of the free bowling.

It was a cool mellow setting that felt more like a night out with friends then a snowboard industry event. The place was not all plastered with banners, it was low key and more about a good hang out. As the lights dimmed everyone stopped bowling and all eyes fell on the movie.

Bon Voyage SLC 05
Derek Dennison tossing gutter balls all night. Just kidding rolling strikes for sure!

Props to the crew for making another dope flick and extra props to Dave Doman's cameo shot in Grenier's part. The crowd went wild when the old shot from Gen-pop showed up in the film. The highlights of the movie for me were seeing Justin Bennee shred and all the tricks Jed Anderson threw down. My Favorite shot in the movie was Leblanc's ending ollie on the Jeffy rail up in Big Bear. Big Mike's largest ollie to date!!!

Bon Voyage SLC 06
Movie Time.

With every premier there is of course an after party. Twilight in Downtown SLC hosted the crew and kept us hydrated well into the night. Thanks for the good time Videograss.

Bon Voyage SLC 07
Shane from Absinth, Big Mike and the King of Lizards.
Bon Voyage SLC 08
Some of the guys that made the night possible. Lance and Mike Hacker, Grendy's and Leblanc.
Bon Voyage SLC 09
This is probably the best after party flier in the world.
Bon Voyage SLC 10
Grenier taking advantage of the Pabst specials.
Bon Voyage SLC 11
Legendary homie, insane artist, SFK founder, motorcycle builder Dave Doman in the house.
Bon Voyage SLC 12
Lizard and Leblanc getting ready to do it up.
Bon Voyage SLC 13
Shots! Shots! Shot!
Bon Voyage SLC 14
Bob Plumb aka the Possum and Cale Zima.
Bon Voyage SLC 15
Old school homies reminiscing about the days gone by… Tonino, Charlebois and myself holding the smallest beer glass in the world.
Bon Voyage SLC 16
Judging by the look on his face Harrison Gordon had a great night.