CAPiTA Quiver Killers Snowboard

Capita Snowboards

CAPiTA Quiver Killers Snowboard
CAPiTA Quiver Killers Snowboard

CAPiTA Quiver Killers Snowboard


+ Sizes: 153 / 155 / 157 / 159 / 161
+ FORM 6-C Fiberglass Configuration
+ CFS Carbon Fiber Reinforcements
+ High Transparent Extruded Base
+ Aluminum Logo Base Inlay
+ 360 Degree Steel Edges


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If you can read, then you can tell exactly what this is, a board of all trades, a quiver killer to be exact. This directional freestyle board will give you maximum shredibility in the pipe and high speed runs, but will tickle your fancy for jumps as well. CAPiTA crafted this creation in order to give consumers a choice for a do everything stick, equipped with an SS SELECT Core, FORM 6 Fiberglass Configuration, CFS Carbon Fiber Reinforcements, High transparent Extruded base, Aluminum Logo Base Inlay and 360 Degree steel edges.