Matix Snowboard Accessories 2011

Matix – pronounced (Matt-icks), is based out of Torrance, CA. Matix clothing was founded in 1997 by Tim Gavin and Daewon Song. Originally, Matix clothing was a means for the pair to provide skateboarders with clothing that was durable enough to wear while skateboarding and dually provide comfort and style. Since the brand's inception, durability within all construction of Matix garments is something that the company still practices and has expanded on, over a decade later. Matix Snow Team – Mikey LeBlanc, Andreas Wiig, Stevie Bell, Daniel Ek, Louif Paradis, Chris Larson.

Matix Forum Domepiece 2011
Matix Wiig Domepiece 2011
Matix Clearshot Domepiece 2011
Matix Wood Block Bulkhead Headphones 2011
Matix Pearl Bulkhead Headphones 2011
Matix Diamond Domepiece 2011
Matix Red Bulkhead Headphones 2011
Matix Rasta Bulkhead Headphones 2011
Matix Hangover Black Earbuds 2011
Matix Hangover Red With Mic Earbuds 2011
Matix Hangover Tie Dye Earbuds 2011
Matix Hangover Glow In The Dark Earbuds 2011