Ride Highlife Snowboard

Ride Highlife Snowboard
Ride Highlife Snowboard

Ride Highlife Snowboard


'' Directional, 3/4" Setback
'' LowPro™ Rocker
'' 90A Slimewalls®
'' Silencer 5™ & Carbon Array 5™
'' Membrain® Top Sheet
'' Fusion 4000 Base™


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Ride Highlife Snowboard 2011: Why think so hard? Why not live the Highlife and let Ride worry about all of technical stuff for you. The new all mountain Highlife is loaded with features like the lightweight slippery Membrain topsheet for a smooth feel, the dampening 90A durameter urethane Slimewalls for increased response, and the Carbon Array 5 with Pop Glass to give the whole thing extra pop but reduce chatter. Plus with the new LowPro rocker shape this adds a sick amount of loose effortless fun sprinkled with grip and stability. Not to mention gnarly graphics from Spacecraft so all you have to do is chillax, wait until it snows, strap on this buttery board and let it Ride.

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