Ride Promise Woman’s Snowboard

Ride Promise Woman's Snowboard
Ride Promise Woman's Snowboard

Ride Promise Woman’s Snowboard


'' Ladies Specific Design – LowPro™
'' Directional, 3/4" Setback
'' 90A Slimewalls®
'' Carbon Array 3™
'' Performance Tuned Core™
'' Fusion 4000 Base™


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Ride Promise Womens Snowboard 2011: Rides Promise Snowboard pledges all around performance. The promise vows to be smooth and stylish on the highest peak and the city streets. Now featuring Rides new LowPro shape with loose, playful LowRize rocker in the tip and stable, grippy ProRize in the tail. In addition to 90A Slimewalls and Carbon Array 3, this all-terrain Ride now features the new Performance Tuned Core to create a smooth, responsive Ride that will not disappoint. Let the Ride Promise take your riding to the next level this year, it promises not to let you down!