It’s a well known fact that snowboarding is better enjoyed when the right attire is worn. Hardly anyone appreciates a soggy sweatshirt, which is why we at SNOWBOARDER have assembled an online Buyer’s Guide to aid you when choosing your new kit. While Southern California shredders may be set with something slightly stronger than a windbreaker, those braving the elements should focus their attention toward taped seams, waterproofing, ventilation systems and fabrics.

If you hail from states notorious for wet snow, a jacket with at least 10,000 mm should be high on your purchase list. However, the more waterproofing a jacket has, the less breathable the material will be. That said, if you’re not looking to ride waist deep pow on the daily, a jacket with 20,000 mm may not let out enough excess moisture to keep you comfortable.

2010 Snowboarding Buyers Guide

It’s also beneficial to buy a jacket with a powder skirt system that easily integrates into your pant. Each company has their own system, but many use buttons or zippers to attach the two separate pieces in order to create an impermeable layer. Avoid the biggest bummer on a pow day by making sure the jacket you purchase is compatible with your pants.

Another often overlooked yet highly crucial aspect of a jacket is the zipper size and placement. Who wants to fumble with their vents when it finally starts snowing? Larger pulls will make opening and closing vents much simpler, especially on a frozen day when hands may be a little number than normal.

Fit and function should always tout fashion when purchasing outerwear, but in this age of conscious design, style no longer has to be sacrificed. Browse our selection, pick out your favorite and head to your local shop to get that new kit in check!
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