2011 AccessoriesClothing often defines snowboarding eras, and although heinous digital camo once graced the backs of our baggy brethren worldwide, outerwear has thankfully progressed throughout the years as a real reflection of our surroundings, idols, and peers. Influenced by elements larger than itself, snowboarding has borrowed ideas and trends from cultures both pop and sub, including music and art, for a number of decades. With companies adopting ad campaigns that play on happenings outside the boardsport bubble, it would only make sense that on-hill style reflects the state of fashion around us. Wide-legged pants are receding from most shop shelves, as those among us armed with sewing machines and dreams of tighter trousers have proven to be ahead of the winter-wear curve. In addition to more contoured clothing, consumers will also continue to notice the observable absence of all-over print alongside the fade of eighties surf-styled neon.

Whether your favored rider or brand of choice sways your on-hill ensemble or not, search for pieces that represent your personalized style. After familiarizing yourself with what the current state of outerwear has to offer in fits, fabrics, features, etc., head down to the local shop and use your newly-acquired knowledge to choose your updated kit. It’s the most surefire way to dress for snowboarding satisfaction.

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