November 2014

  • Bryan Fox and Austin Smith Guest Editors Issue

    For four weeks, Drink Water helmsmen Bryan Fox and Austin Smith showed up at 9am sharp to man desks in the SNOWBOARDER Magazine office as Guest Editors of issue 27.3. The worked semi-tirelessly and also brought doughnuts for everyone on a few occasions, eventually endearing themselves to the SNOWBOARDER staff. In between games of foosball, they shaped an amazing issue of the magazine.

  • Checked Out

    Words: Austin Smith
    Concepted and pitched by Austin, Checked Out if a trifecta of interviews with former pro riders who left their mark on snowboarding but have since left the sport due to varying circumstances.

  • Out of Step: The Scott E. Wittlake Interview

    Words: Bryan Fox
    Scotty Wittlake is one of the most iconic snowboarders to ever strap in. That’s why the snowboard world was shocked when he stepped away from pro riding and never looked back.

  • Pathology: A Movie About Snowboarding and Humans

    Words: Liam Gallagher
    This past winter, Bryan Fox and Austin Smith set out to make a movie about snowboarding and humans called Pathology and they tapped Liam Gallagher to film and edit the piece.

  • 2015 SNOWBOARDER Magazine Accessories Buyer’s Guide

    The best accessories to compliment your kit for the 2014/15 season.


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