August 2012

  • Dropping Anchorage

    By: Jesse Burtner
    It happened in Salt Lake. It happened in Buffalo. It happened in Minneapolis, and now, it’s happened in–of all places–Anchorage, Alaska. It’s the revelation and resulting migration to new urban spots that have previously gone unridden by the most elite street crews. Due to a lack of snow in the lower 48 and an abundance of it up in Anchorage, squads  ocked to the last frontier in order to try to lock down last part in their respective video projects. Alaskan local/living legend/pro rider/ lmmaker Jesse Burtner pens a great perspective of last winter’s exodus to Anchorage.

  • Banzai Bowl Bash

    By: Pat Bridges
    If you say “Japanese bowl movement” quickly it sounds like “Japanese bowel movement,” which is an entirely different
    proposition altogether. That said, what Bubbles and his crew of South Island soul carvers are doing with transitions is still the shit.

  • Supernatural

    By: Pat Bridges
    Travis Rice and his beard invited the best in the big mountain freestyle business to British Columbia to take contests where they had never been before. Waiting for Walsh, Rüf, Jackson, Debari, DCP, and Müller at Baldface was the ultimate alpine arena which had yet to be tested. The stars aligned and the superstars strapped in and the  rst freeriding event of its kind was out of this world.

  • Frozen in Time: The Mount Baker Hardcore

    By: Pat Bridges
    In the Reagan era, Descente and Obermeyer were the colors of conformity that turned the double diamonds into a neon
    playground for the snobby sect. Then snowboarding showed up on the scene to give skiing a duct taped Sorel boot in the
    ass. None were tighter, tougher, or more talented than the Mount Baker Hardcore.

  • The Chosen Ones: Nike Chosen Sessions

    By: Laura Austin
    Three crews, twelve riders, and one of the most revolutionary events in the history of snowboarding. The Nike Chosen
    Sessions in Mayrhofen, Austria were the culmination of a winter’s worth of riding,  lming, and social media integration
    in order to whittle down a handful of lucky amateurs who were sent over the pond in order to stake their claim as “The Chosen Ones.” Turn to page 100 to get the full recap and find out who emerged victorious.


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