December 2011

  • High Class

    Session Is In School
    By: T. Bird
    Snowboard academies in the United States seem to be a dying property, but in the small town of Geilo, Norway, NTG Academy is prepping their kids to follow in the footsteps of their elite alum. Mads Jonsson, Mikkel Bang, Ståle Sandbech, and Torstein Horgmo paved the way for this current crop of up-and-coming Vikings to storm our shores and take the snowboard world by storm. Find out who they are on page 72.

  • Destination Unknown

    Shredding the Continent’s Largest Volcano
    By: Jeff Hawe
    Bryan Iguchi, Alex Yoder, Ralph Backstrom, and this feature’s writer and photographer Jeff Hawe hike up North America’s largest super volcano in search of deep pow, new terrain, and the instinctual appeal of the unknown.

  • Snow Ghost Town

    Burton in Bralorne, British Columbia
    By: Mark Sollors
    Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, and Jussi Oksanen barge into sleepy Bralorne, British Columbia to scour its mountains for the last of the gold that lie in the hills…white gold, that is.

  • Of Life And Love And Death

    A-Rob’s Last Descent
    By: Blake Paul
    Blake Paul pens an amazing piece about our good friend Aaron Robinson’s last descent. Last summer, Aaron and Blake headed south to Chile looking to continue their endless winter, but when tragedy struck and Aaron passed away while riding, Blake was left with questions unanswered and Aaron’s film project unfinished. Turn to page 104 for a first-hand account of how A-Rob lived, loved, and tragically died.

  • Blond Ambition

    The SNOWBOARDER Interview with Lauri Heiskari
    By: Pat Bridges and T. Bird
    One of snowboarding’s most beloved Finns opens up about politics, living with Bozung, and his desire to have Shawn Farmer rap his next video part song. This is Lauri’s first interview, but it will leave a lasting impression.

  • Holiday Gift Guide

    The holidays are right around the corner, so we at SNOWBOARDER figured you’d appreciate this Holiday Gift Guide, showcasing the best products from the snowboarding’s best brands, so you can buy some gear and spread some cheer. Sure, the whole Santa thing may have been a lie that your parents told you when you were a kid, but you know what’s real? Powder. And it’s waiting to be ridden.


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