February 2012

  • SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Top Ten Riders of the Year

    Words: Pat Bridges and T. Bird
    Our illustrious panel of over 40 former Riders of the Year has cast their vote. Turn to page 62 to see who Wolfgang Nyvelt, Danny Kass, Pat Moore, Chris Engelsman, Dan Brisse, Frederik Kalbermatten, Gigi Rüf, Annie Boulanger, JP Walker, Chad Otterstrom, big mountain and jib Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Eero Ettala, Jake Blauvelt, Jussi Oksanen, Jason Murphy, David Benedek, Marie France-Roy, Devun Walsh, Eddie Wall, Romain De Marchi, Torstein Horgmo, Jamie Anderson, DCP, Scotty Lago, Bjorn Leines, John Jackson and many more voted into the Top Ten.

  • The Man of a Thousand Faces

    Jeremy Jones
    By: T. Bird
    Jeremy Jones is not only the greatest big mountain rider in the history of snowboarding. He’s also a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur, and after twenty years of hair-raising and groundbreaking video parts, he’s finally taking a step backward in his snowboarding by taking steps forward in the backcountry. On page 90, get to know Jeremy Jones and you’ll soon learn that he’s much more than simply a deity of dangerous descents.


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