Anyone who has checked out our site at any point this year will be aware of the epic crowd-sourced artwork we created at the Vans Wangl Tangl back in March: the Eyes Mural. To recap, we asked people to send in pictures of their eyes looking sideways, which we then turned into a huge mural at the event.

The next step was to create ten sets of board graphics from the mural, which were then sent over to our buddies at the Endeavor Snowboards plant in Vancouver. Taking on this kind of bespoke, artistic one-off job is an Endeavor speciality, and Max Jenke, Rob Dow, Jason Broz and the boys rose to the challenge in trademark style, as the sneak previews of them working on them they sent over showed us.

We were stoked to receive the finished boards this week and get a proper look at them properly. Check out the pictures here – we’ll also be releasing a film in the next week or so about the entire process behind the boards’ construction, so keep an eye out for that.