Team Thunder Digger Dogs

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Team Thunder bought fifteen packs of hot dogs and buns to sell in attempts to raise money in hopes of being able to self-re-produce copies of their latest video titled “Beauville”.

In less than a weeks time, famed shred resort Brighton, pulled together their Passapalooza season pass sale with a triple threat of video premiere’s. Local video crews Dinobots and Team Thunder showed their flick on the big white sheet along with the premiere of This Video Sucks.

Enthusiastic moviegoers manned sofas, tailgates and lawn chairs and cheered as the first video started. Local videos including Dino Bot’s Never Gonna Get It and Team Thunder’s Beauville were shown first with great response from the audience.

The highlighted movie of the night, This Video Sucks, made its debut premiere, hot of the press with the likes of JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain and Joe Sexton. All the cheers and applause at the end showed that This Video Sucks didn’t live up to its name with an amazing show of snowboarding talent.

Photos by Dave Brewer.