words: Blake Paul

With the summer snowboard season coming to a close, it’s rad to look back on everything. I was lucky enough to head out to High Cascade Snowboard Camp three separate times this summer, never having much of an agenda and sort of going with the flow. It was some of the funnest boarding I have done in a while; riding up there is the most refreshing way to get back on your snowboard after the season. The simplicity of just cruising around helps bring back the feeling of why you started in the first place. The destination is unique and seems to draw all types of snowboarders–you never know who you’re going to run into and who you’re going to be riding with each lap. Every person you talk to seems to say, “Yeah, I was only coming up for a few days but I’ve been here most of the summer.” As monotonous as Government Camp can get, it still pulls me back in to see new and old friends, alike.

Not to mention the acts of snowboarding that happen up on the glacier. Each person’s style and creativity shows,and is very influential. High Cascade has a skatepark energy, everyone cruising around doing their thing. From beginner campers to big pros, each person is feeding off their friends and riding in a community. Sitting at the bottom of the park and watching everyone ride can be very entertaining and with countless filmers and photographers on hill, most everything is documented in some way. With the flood of internet edits draining through computer screens each day, the videos and photos coming out of camp always show the progression of snowboarding with a fresh direction. But enough ranting, here’s some random photos thrown together from good times at camp this year…

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