Dispatches: Japanese Import – Kazuhiro Kokubo 1.4 Park City

Kazu Post 4 01
Arrive Park City Utah after European Open. So stoked second place. Can't wait for X Games.

Captions: Kazu Kokubo

Kazuhiro Kokubo has crossed back over the big blue and is stateside training for the Superbowl of snowboarding which is starting this week in Aspen. With a pseudo private pipe at Park City to train on expect Kazu to keep his podium streak alive. Kampai Kazu.

Kazu Post 4 02
Good morning blue bird pow day at Park City
Kazu Post 4 03
Breakfast meeting with Carl
Kazu Post 4 04
Whole Food so good.
Kazu Post 4 05
Kazu Post 4 06
Break the law
Kazu Post 4 07
Cobra style Cobra Dog
Kazu Post 4 08
Checking run for X Games
Kazu Post 4 09
Cobra Dogs
Kazu Post 4 10
Hot chocolate
Kazu Post 4 11
StoNp filmer and my manager assistant Nori san. www.StoNpme.com
Kazu Post 4 12
Back to work half pipe practice
Kazu Post 4 13
Liam and Nori
Kazu Post 4 14
Nori editing StoNp webisode
Kazu Post 4 15
Kazu Post 4 16
Stretch always